david20@alpha2.mdx.ac.uk wrote:

>Yes for PMDF we definitely need additional authentication methods builtin
>Kerberos support

I've officially asked for Kerberos 5 support for VMS, Process ticket#
111586. The eventual answer was that it was being looked at for 6.4,
but definitely won't be in 6.3. Since K5 is in MultiNet 5 beta, I'm not
sure I understand why it's more difficult for PMDF. Anyway, if you have
support contracts and want to see this, tell Process through the
official channel, support@process.com.

>to work with directories such as Novell's NDS and Microsoft's active directory
>as well as other LDAP directories.
>Personally (although I can see from a financial point of view this probably
>wouldn't appeal to Process) I'd also like TSL to be added into the main product
>rather than being an expensive addon. Most other mail systems now seem to
>provide such support in with the base product - you just need to buy the

Me, too, but I've already bitten that bullet and purchased two TLS licenses.

- ken

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>VMS and Unix team leader
>Middlesex University
>> Ned

- Ken
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