I could use a little help again.

I am trying to get a system working with multiple tape drives.
This is with BSD 2.11 and the very latest patchlevel.

I have A TK50, A tu81+ and a SCSI 9 track.
They are configured in that order. The kernel was built to support
3 controllers and three drives. When I boot I see all three controllers
attached (after a little fiddling with the hardware to get things like
CSR's right.) But I can only access the first drive. I even tried
dumping all the device nodes and running MAKEDEV again but no luck.

Is there some magic that needs to be done to get more than one TMSCP
tape drive working? Was "./MAKEDEV tu0 tu1 tu2" the correct command
to make the device nodes? (I assumed yes as it did work for the
first drive.)

Any suggestions from out there?


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