From: Johnny Billquist

>In fact, even the ftp area at Update is somewhat neglected. I really
>should continue to sort things up in a sensible way there.

Has it moved? The last couple of times (once weeks ago, the other just now)
that I've tried to FTP to I couldn't get a connection.
Glad to hear that doesn't mean it's gone away.

Re attachments -- yes, my config sets maximum fascism in Ecartis to enforce
what I thought was good email netiquette for a retro list -- no HTML,
no attachments, no endless quoting (the limit is currently set to 50 lines
starting with ">" -- come to think of it I don't know if that's 50 consecutive
lines, or 50 total for the whole message). But those are just the initial
settings, obviously it's not my place to decide them. Should we put it to
a vote or something?

HTML -- OK or not OK?
Attachments -- OK or not OK?
Limit on quotations -- yes or no, and if yes, what should the limit be?
(It seems like etiquette has reversed since the old days, it used to
be rude to quote big chunks of text and then add only a tiny comment,
but I've heard people say they think you're supposed to do that for
the benefit of people who haven't archived the rest of the thread --
are things different now that disk space is free?)
What else? Would anyone like specific headers added to help procmail/etc.
sort their mail?

(Maybe reply to me personally instead of cluttering the list if you just
want to register your opinion, but reply to the list if you want to discuss

Meanwhile I'll see if I can figure out how to make CRM114 add a totally
separate X-header for the [UNSURE] tags, or something, I know they're really
annoying. Trying to work out the kinks here ...

John Wilson
D Bit