From: "Zane H. Healy"

>Is there anything to convert from a TPC file to an E11 .TAP file? I think
>you've just explained why I had problems with something I was trying with
>RSTS/E a few years ago.

I don't know of any existing tool, but TPC is pretty trivial, right? I thought
the record format was something like:

.word n ;record length (0 => TM)
..ifne n
.blkb n ;data
.even ;next rec is always on a word boundary

... or something? If so it'd take a couple of screenfuls of C, nothing
to it. All I have handy is the quicky conversion utility I wrote back
when I changed E11's own .TAP format from 16 to 32 bits (luckily before
releasing a version that used the old way so it only mattered for my own
files), but if someone can correct the above I'll hack it up for TPC.

John Wilson
D Bit