From: (Bill Gunshannon)

>Where can I find utilities for manipulating .tap images? Like moving
>back and forth between real tapes and .tap images.

As others have pointed out, there are several different flavors of files
that are known as .TAP. Due to a misunderstanding early on, E11 and SIMH
use similar but different .TAP formats, but they will interchange as long
as the record sizes are all even (usually true in most labeling schemes).

I have a DOS utility that transfers between .TAP files in E11 format (no
padding of odd records) and real SCSI tapes (using a DOS ASPI driver):

(It's called ST, the source and doc is there.)

Also I have a Weenix utility that inserts/extracts files to/from ITS DUMP
tapes (local or rmt), or tape images (the image format is either E11 or
SIMH but you need to recompile to select):

(It's called ITSTAR, again the source and doc is there.)

I believe Eric Smith wrote a more general (not ITS-specific) tape copy
utility based on the tape I/O code from ITSTAR.

John Wilson
D Bit