> Where can I find utilities for manipulating .tap images? Like moving
> back and forth between real tapes and .tap images.

Define .TAP images! :^)

There are .TPC images created by VMSTPCE or RXSTPC (I think that's the right
name for the RSX application), but then I've also seen .TAP used with them.
Then .TAP seems to have been at least sometimes used to refer to RSX Virtual
Tapes. I'm not sure what all versions of RSX support this, I know it's in
the latest version of RSX-11M+. Then again, it can mean tape images for
SIMH, KLH10, E11, or others. I don't remember how compatible these are.
Yes, I know I'm being hard to get alone with, but I'm trying to make a

Anyhow to answer what I assume is your question, there is a utility to
convert TPC to SIMH TAP format, and I seem to remember that someone has
written a utility to write SIMH TAP files out to real tapes. On a stranger
note, Mentec has a utility to convert TPC files to RSX Virtual Tape files.

Personally I prefer to transfer data between E11 or SIMH and my PDP-11
either via Ethernet, or CD-R.