Larry Finger wrote:
> The whole project was abandoned when the 11/23 came out and was exactly what we needed.

Perfect case of waiting for better hardware. Some of the wacky things
that DEC made were truly legend.

I still can't figure out *why* they made the FPF11 for example: I have
one of them and the thing is completely *insane*. 16 of the 2901 bit
slices, enough custom chips to choke a horse; basically a 64 bit
computer that would talk to your pdp11/23. Faster floating point than a
73 without the FPJ11; I never tried to compare it to a fully-equipped
FPJ based 11.

But boy did it run my Fortran apps fast. Only thing it didn't do was
async FPP operation; that would have been cool.