While I am slowly getting somewhere.
Dad had 3 full systems which haven't been booted in over 5 years.
Looking closely at some of the terminals I find the note that it
was know to be good in Nov 1992. All three were working with RL02
boot disks at one point in their lives. All three seem to have at
least partially functional CPUs.

One system boots and runs RT11 from both RX02 and RL02.
Two others, an 11/23 and 11/73, will boot XXDP from my TU58
emulator which is promising. However they will not boot RT11 V4.0
which I've previously used as my baseline. Its odd, very early
on in the boot process (possibly after loading the boot block, but
I'll verify this) for RT11 the 'Run' light on the front pannel goes out.
However it does NOT fall into ODT, ie I don't get an @ prompt and
address on the console. It does not respond to ^C etc, just hung.
I can to a restart and repeat this, or boot into XXDP from the other
tape image. This is new behavior to me, and I'm open to suggestions.
Meanwhile I will reseat some boards, and do some poking around
with XXDP and ODT to verify things.


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