At 4:27 PM -0500 11/4/05, Bob Supnik wrote:
>Not for tapes
>Under Linux, access to raw disk drives just happens to work, because
>the C-library buffered I/O used by SimH can be successfully
>implemented on the raw drive; fread, fwrite, and fseek all work.
>But simulated tapes have a metadata record structure that real tapes
>lack, and there's no way to express the positioning directives, which
>are all done with fseek.
>The SimH magtape library is structured to allow for addition of
>OS-dependent raw tape access, but no one has been interested enough to
>do it.

So, if I hook the external SCSI box for my /23+ (it's in a BA23 so
the drives aren't internal like on the /73), I can plug in one of the
HD's from my PDP-11's I can access them via SIMH? I've plugged them
into a Linux box before to use 'dd' to make disk images that can then
be burned to CD-R, or used under SIMH, but the closest I've ever come
to this was trying to boot from one of the CD-R's a few years ago.

BTW, KLH10 can handle both physical, and virtual tape drives, looking
at it, might give someone ideas as to how to implement this in SIMH.


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