My DEC dealer has a RA82 he wants $200 for, and I was thinking of trading
him one of my RL02s for it. That's what actually came in this chassis, but
I'm really concerned about the power requirements of the disk and
controller - I know the KDA50 is a pig, but I do have a separate expansion
box for it. My real concern is blowing a breaker in my apartment building.
Now, I've read the current surge draw on a RA81 (in the RA81 user guide) is
35A in 110V mode. Is this correct?
Also, what are my power bills going to look like running this thing 24/7? A
already run one RL02 and the CPU 24/7, and I'm talking about adding an
expansion box to it with the KDA50...will I be OK on one 15A circuit? Logic
with these numbers says no, but I saw somewhere on the web where a guy said
he was running an 11/750, RA82, and some other stuff all off 1 15A circuit.
The only way I can see this working is if the drive spins up somehow by
trickle charging a cap(or more than just 1) and then spinning up the drive.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Will I blow something with this RA disk
on my setup?


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