Alright, so I went down to my DEC junk dealer this weekend and traded my
BA11-L box for a BA11-KA that was actually from an 11/34(I needed more
UNIBUS slots). Kinda cool, it's got slot designations for the backplane
and what card goes where. Anyway, my problem is, I have no idea how to
mount the front panel. Right now I've got it rigged with a couple
washers, the back plates, and some screws, but it looks like crap. It
had some Velcro not unlike the kind on the back door of a H964x chassis
that holds up the filter foam(Another item I need a source for, I'd like
some new stuff)

So anyone here that has an 11/34, can you tell me what I need, or even
better, take a picture of how your box's font panel is mounted?