On Mon, 06 Jun 2005 13:59:22 -0500, Tom Uban wrote:
>*That is pretty much what I was thinking as well, but the people at
>*Dataram today probably know very little (if anything) about this
>*old product. They were nice enough to supply me with scans of the
>*two related product brochures:
>*http://www.ubanproductions.com/Image...rochure_p1.pdf *S35
>*http://www.ubanproductions.com/Image...rochure_p2.pdf *S33
>*Interestingly, both brochures show a board which is very similar to
>*mine, but slightly different. Here is a picture of mine:
>*As the schematic drawing on the S34/A does not match my board, and
>*because of the date codes on my ICs, I'm guessing my board is a
>*S33. Based on the brochure, depending on the S33/{A,B,C,D} suffix,
>*it emulates RM02/5, RP06, or RK07. The ROMs on my board have 'D'
>*written on them, so I'm guessing it is an S33/D. Unfortunately, it
>*would seem that this means it uses a 'CMD' interface rather than
>*'SMD'. I'm not sure what 'CMD' is, but perhaps if I could make a
>*set of A, B, or C ROMs, I could use the board with one of the
>*drives that I have.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, that's an SMD or SMD variant comtroller ...

The large connector is for the "A" cable which is daisy chained between the drives, and the 4 smaller connectors are for the "B" cables which are radial to each drive.

If memory serves, and looking at the first brochure, the S33/D is connecting to a very limited range of drives which amongst others include the CDC Phoenix range (9448) ... which was a SMD variant which may or may not work with standard SMD drives, although it shares the same kind of connectors. Of course, this bears the question, does the /D mean the same for the S34 as the S33!

This just leaves as many questions and no real answers!

Sorry 'bout that!


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