On Fri, 27 May 2005, John Santos wrote:

> In article , DAGwyn@null.net says...
> > John Santos wrote:
> > > Those aren't RA7x's. They are RF7x's.

> >
> > Ah, right are you.
> > What RELCOMSER has are RF7x, not RA7x;
> > sorry for the confusion I am.

> I think they are very similar internally, and for all I know one
> can be converted to the other by swapping a personality module
> or cutting a jumper (maybe, wishful thinking?)

They have the same HDA, but different interface boards. Personality
modules is a thing I only think the RA8x have. For other RA drives, the
whole electronics is just one card, or assembly.

> If that's the case and someone knows how to do this, and there
> is a great surplus of one type or the other, that would be
> very useful information. (Possibly electronics could be
> salvaged from a mechanically dead RF7x to convert an RA7y to
> an RF7y or vice versa?)

I would suspect that changing the interface board should do it, but I have
never tried, and have never played with any RF-disks.

> I have an RA72 that makes a loud racket and won't pass a read/write
> test... My guess is the bearings are gone and it won't track properly
> or fails to maintain constant speed (mechanical), so maybe someone
> could salvage the electronics to try to make an RF disk into an RA disk?
> Any takers? (I'm near Boston if any one wants to try their hand
> at brain surgery...)
> Or maybe both kinds are common enough not to be worth the trouble.

No idea, I'm not close enough, and don't have any RF72 to try either.

> The hard part for me was finding an SA7x box to hold the RA72's.

That can be tricky. And then you need the special cable from the SA7x to

But without the SA7x, you can still use one RA7x drive on a


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