John Santos wrote:

> Charles H. Dickman wrote:
>> What about RF disks?
>> It is MSCP like the RA-series, KFQSA DSSI adapters don't seem to be
>> too rare and RF7x drives are pretty common on eBay.
>> 2.11 BSD is fine with it too, depending on the latest patch version.
>> -chuck

> I don't think any of the DEC PDP-11 OS's support it. However I
> vaguely remember someone (Megan?) saying she was running RT11 on
> a DSSI disk. Perhaps the controller looks just like an MSCP
> controller to the OS, just wasn't supported officially?

I can't speak for the DEC PDP-11 OS's, but I know it works fine with
2.11BSD. And yes it is MSCP. For a while I was running an -11/73 I have
here with an RQDX3 with an RX50, and a KFQSA and attached RF71. This was
running 2.11BSD. The DSSI cable was only about 2ft long and I ran it
without a terminator. Seemed to work fine.

One reason that it might not have been supported on the -11's is that I
had to use a microVAX (KA650) to configure the drive. That particular
VAX processor has MOP built into the console firmware and allowed me to
set the node number, etc.

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