On Tue, 24 May 2005, Bill Gunshannon wrote:

> In article <1116935181.824047.67950@o13g2000cwo.googlegroups.c om>,
> "Tim Shoppa" writes:
> >> old 11/73. Can the ra-series disks be interfaced easily?

> >
> > Pretty much. The one gotcha is that the KDA50 board set sucks up a lot
> > of power. Officially, if you have a single BA23 backplane, it's not
> > supported because of power demands.Unofficially, if you don't have much
> > other than CPU, memory, and disk controller, you can probably squeak
> > by. Otherwise you can use a second BA23.
> >
> > The BA123 and BA213 boxes aren't quite so power-starved, but you still
> > have to look at total current draw.
> >
> > I highly advise the RA9x or RA7x over the RA8x. Reliability-wise, I
> > think the RA9x are supreme, but they're a lot bigger and heavier than a
> > RA7x.
> >

> As long as you've brought it up, anybody have any RA7x or RA9x disks
> they don't need that they would like to donate to my PDP-11 EDU project?

I have RA90 disks, but they are located in Sweden... Might be a problem.

> I now have licenses and expect to have RSX, RSTS and RT-11 available
> for student use for the fall semester.

Great news. Wish I were a student of yours. :-)


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