> Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 01:21:03 -0400
> From: "Douglas A. Gwyn"
> Subject: Re: Running RT11 on Vaxen
> To: info-pdp11@village.org
> There was also an RT-11 emulation available for PDP-11 Unix,
> avaiable commercially from HCR of Toronto. We used it for
> running ADVENTure and for MACRO-11/LINK-11 to support some
> apps that would have been too costly to rewrite for Unix.

Yes, it was called RT/EMT (RT Emulator). We used it to support Fortran
on our 11/23 Unix systems, since RT11 Fortran was much advanced over
6th Ed Unix Fortran.

Somewhere in the PUPS archives is a copy of RT/EMT, which I donated to
the cause, Tim Shoppa transcribed, and Warren Toomey took care of the
remaining legalities.


carl lowenstein marine physical lab u.c. san diego
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