On Fri, 6 May 2005, will kranz wrote:

> I have a Vax-750 that I periodically attempt to boot, something like
> once every 4 years, and its about time. I know this is a PDP newsgroup
> but there has been a fair amount of Vax stuff recently and this is
> actually sort of on topic.

Other have probably already answered all the questions you pose, but to
make a short stab at it anyway...

No, the VAX-11/750 cannot boot RT11. The VAX-11 machines have a PDP-11
compatibility mode, but that is for user mode programs only. No operating
system stuff is possible.
VMB is the boot program for VAXen, and microVAX have VMB in rom. The
11/750 is actually a special case, in that actually first loads a boot
block from the boot device (whatever disk) and then proceeds from there.
But VMB is still the normal boot path. However, things like 4.3BSD didn't
use VMB.

CI780 is the microcode for the CI-780 controller. I don't think the CI-750
used the same microcode, which makes it weird you should have, or need
that microcode on your 11/750.

CI is computer interconnect. A (for the time) fast communications channel
between clustered VAXen and disk controllers.


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