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Johnny Billquist writes:
> On Wed, 4 May 2005, Bill Pechter wrote:
>> The rumors also include the 11/34 was an engineering project done buy someone
>> adding memory management on to the 11/04... to make a cost-reduced 11/40ish
>> box.

> Not impossible, but the 11/34 is rather different than the 11/04, isn't
> it? I've never seen an 11/04, so I don't know much about it.
>> The 11/68 was rumored to be built... don't know how far they got.

> Intresting. I haven't heard that claim before.
>> I've touched 11/74's so I know that at least one uniprocessor CPU existed.

> Well, several machines existed/exists. RSX development used an 11/74 for
> many years, as did field service. I've seen pictures of CASTOR::, which
> was the RSX teams 11/74. Four CPUs, and loads of fun. Unfortunately I
> thinkg the machine is currently non-operational. Doubtful if they will fix
> it now. They've moved to smaller machines that actually will do the work
> faster, and noone outside ever cared that RSX-11M-PLUS have MP support.
> Field service machine was POLLUX::, which I think the DECnet team also had
> at some time. However, I think that POLLUX:: became spare parts for
> CASTOR:: a few years ago.
> I've also heard of a few other 11/74 machines, but I'm not sure if any of
> those were running with more than one cpu.

Didn't Hydro Ontario have one?


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