On Wed, 04 May 2005 20:25:29 -0400, "Charles H. Dickman"

>John Wilson wrote:
>>From: "Tim Shoppa"
>>>As long as I'm racking my brain, I seem to recall DEQNA/DELQA
>>>interfaces had on-board firmware that helped a lot in writing a MOP

>>Exactly, there's a bit you flip to make it "receive" the diag/boot ROM
>>instead of real network data. IIRC you need to do in two gulps of 2 KB each.
>>The code itself is hidden in the i8051's ROM in the DEQNA. I wrote a freeware
>>replacement for the boot/diag code a few years ago, which is used in E11's
>>XH: emulation (for the BOOT XH: command) -- there's an excellent writeup
>>of how this code is called in a comment block buried in the RSTS sources.

>Does BOOT XH: work with the DELQA? All I have ever gotten is "Error 20
>Controller Error". This is on a KDJ11-B with V8.0 roms.
>I thought I read someplace that the boot code was missing on the DELQA,
>because it was intended for uVAXen.

I boot my system from the DELQA using the XH: boot. In fact I think
the DELQA has more smarts than the earlier DEQNA.