will kranz wrote:
> Its my understanding that the Vax-750 had some sort of compatibility
> mode for RT11

The compatability mode is only for user-level -11 programs, and won't
run any normal -11 OS. Under VMS, there is a package to allow the
execution of RSX-11M binaries. BSD 4.x also had some games that used
the compatability mode.

> A bit further from PDP11s but of interest regarding this, what are
> the following from consol tape?
> BOOT58.EXE 02-20-85 23 blocks 14 start block
> CI780 .BIN 02-20-85 36 blocks 37 start block
> VMB .EXE 02-20-85 40 blocks 149 start block
> The
> recent comments about loading microcode patches was interesting.
> Presumably thats what CI780.bin is but why 780???

The name would suggest that CI780.BIN is the microcode not for a CPU,
but for a CI780, which is the SBI-to-CI interface used on a VAX 11/780.
Having never seen a CI750 or docs on it, I wouldn't really know, but
perhaps it runs the same microcode as the CI780. Presumably the point
in having the CI microcode on a boot tape is that it would enable you
to boot the OS from either an HSC or a VAX cluster.

But the CI780 microcode is nothing at all like the microcode for
any VAX CPU, so unless you actually have a CI interface, it won't
do anything for you.


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