From: "Charles H. Dickman"

>Does BOOT XH: work with the DELQA? All I have ever gotten is "Error 20
>Controller Error". This is on a KDJ11-B with V8.0 roms.
>I thought I read someplace that the boot code was missing on the DELQA,
>because it was intended for uVAXen.

Agh!! I hadn't heard that one. The "BOOT XH:" command I was talking about
was the one in E11, I've never tried it on the 11/23. Although come to
think of it, I think I *have* tried it (or the equivalent) on an 11/93
and got error behavior (I've forgotten exactly what) which seemed to be
different from what I expected from just not having a MOP server around.
This was with a DEQNA.

FWIW, page 3-28 of the DELQA manual describes the boot/diag command and
it looks like they expect it to work. There's enough specific talk about
differences from the DEQNA to make it look like it's not just a cut & paste
from the DEQNA manual, and there's a note pointing out that the code loaded
is PDP-11 code and is therefore useless on VAXen.

From: Johnny Billquist

>I believe you're thinking of the DEUNA/DELUA... It already have most of
>the MOP stuff in there. And the manuals comes quite a way to explain the
>MOP protocol as well.

The DEUNA/DELUA has a much fancier net-boot setup, which makes the DEQNA
look like crap! And yes it has ECT loopback and some MOP stuff (which
made it a real pain to emulate, lemme tell ya), unlike the DEQNA where it
has to be done by the host (IIRC the DELQA does it internally though, but
NOT the DELQA-YM in turbo mode). It's really weird that DEC made the Q-
and U- versions of the Ethernet interfaces so totally incompatible, when
they'd been largely coming to their senses with other devices (with the
xx11 and xxV11/xxQ11 versions being software-compatible, except for how
you handle 22-bit addressing).

I thought I heard a rumor at some point, that the DEUNA was originally
supposed to have a pair of UARTs so you could insert it in the TT0: line and
let it do the MOP remote console protocol (like the DECservers have) --
is this total gibberish or can anyone substantiate it? That would have
been either evil or beautiful, I can't decide which.

Re 11/04 -- I believe it used the same boxes as the 11/34a, but the CPU is
a single board (I don't remember if it fits one of the KD11E slots or goes
in slot 1 of a DD11-DK or what). I thought it was more of a shrink of the
two-board 11/05, than a mini-11/34, but I'm not sure I've ever seen the
11/04 schematics so I'll bet I just think that because of the instruction
set misfeatures that the /04 and /05 have in common.

John Wilson
D Bit
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