I have a Vax-750 that I periodically attempt to boot, something like
once every 4 years, and its about time. I know this is a PDP newsgroup
but there has been a fair amount of Vax stuff recently and this is
actually sort of on topic.

Its my understanding that the Vax-750 had some sort of compatibility
mode for RT11 (or is it generic 16 bit addressing)? Anyone know how to
access and or control this? My diagnoistics tapes and consol tapes
seem to be in RT11 format, not files11, although the home block
format string is "DECVMSEXCHNG". If I could run it as a PDP11
off the functional RL02 I might get further figuring out why the
RA80 doesn't work.

A bit further from PDP11s but of interest regarding this, what are
the following from consol tape?
BOOT58.EXE 02-20-85 23 blocks 14 start block
CI780 .BIN 02-20-85 36 blocks 37 start block
VMB .EXE 02-20-85 40 blocks 149 start block

If this is well covered somewhere a link would be great.
It seems to need a fair amount of this data from the
TU58 consol tape before it will attempt to do anything. The
recent comments about loading microcode patches was interesting.
Presumably thats what CI780.bin is but why 780???
>From other reading, I believe it ultimately loads VMB.exe but don't

know what this really is. Is this specific to early Vaxen
like the 750? Is the equivalent in ROM on the microvax?

Guess the other possibility is that the default state is a pdp11
with a Unibus, and it only becomes a Vax via VMB.exe?

Hints appreciated, Will

At 09:54 AM 05/05/05 -0400, Bill Pechter wrote (in part):
Original Thread Re: Does anyone here have an 11/60?

>The 8650 was a beautiful machine...
>'Course running full blown RT11 on the front end was nice... Running
>adventure from an RL pack during PM was kind of fun.

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