On Thu, 5 May 2005, Bill Pechter wrote:

> Field Service rumors were that there wasn't going to be an 8600... the 8650
> was the original performance spec for the 8600 but they pushed it out before
> they could get it there because it was late and there was nothing but the 785
> out at the high-end VAX.

Yeah, the machine was getting very late.

> The 8650 was a beautiful machine... Built like a brick outhouse with
> reliability functions galore. You couldn't power it up with the boards in the
> wrong slots because of the serial and parallel key loops that kept it from
> bringing the power supplies on line.
> The green magnetic walnut power indicators that pointed out power supply
> problems.
> It was the closest VAX I saw (it was my last one when I was at DEC) to
> perfection from a service point of view.
> The diags were amazing and the digital signal samples on the backplane had a
> pretty good logic analyser built right in.
> 'Course running full blown RT11 on the front end was nice... Running
> adventure from an RL pack during PM was kind of fun.

What can I say. I love our 8650. I never want to part with it. I'd just
like some more memory in it. I have 60 megs today. (3x16 Meg and 3x4 Meg.)
Would love to find a few 64 Meg boards. They seem to be rare, though.

But yes, it's extremely beautiful. Designed just right.


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