Field Service rumors were that there wasn't going to be an 8600... the
8650 was the original performance spec for the 8600 but they pushed it
out before they could get it there because it was late and there was
nothing but the 785 out at the high-end VAX.

Rumor follows:

(The 785 was supposedly a DEC Germany push to get something out by going
to LS parts... They also expanded the WCS and dropped most of the ROM
control store as unneeded since they upgraded the 11/03 to more memory
and had id load the WCS up).

The 8650 was a beautiful machine... Built like a brick outhouse with
reliability functions galore. You couldn't power it up with the boards
in the wrong slots because of the serial and parallel key loops that
kept it from bringing the power supplies on line.

The green magnetic walnut power indicators that pointed out power supply

It was the closest VAX I saw (it was my last one when I was at DEC) to
perfection from a service point of view.
The diags were amazing and the digital signal samples on the backplane
had a pretty good logic analyser built right in.

'Course running full blown RT11 on the front end was nice... Running
adventure from an RL pack during PM was kind of fun.


Johnny Billquist wrote:

>On Wed, 4 May 2005, Bill Pechter wrote:
>The 8600 is at some places called 11/790, and the 8650 is the 11/795. That
>name change came very late.
>One very silly rumour I heard about that one was that it was based on the
>IBM 4300. And that the VAX was twice as good, and so it got the 8600.
>But that really sounds far fetched.
> Johnny
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