On Wed, 4 May 2005, Robert E.Seastrom wrote:

> Bill Pechter writes:
> > Perhaps the 11/780 was originally to be the 11/78... The 8600 was
> > supposed to be the 11/790
> > wasn't it?

> If I recall correctly, the 8600 was actually originally supposed to be
> Jupiter (the KC-10), or at least that's where a big chunk of the
> engineering team and perhaps some of the designs went after Jupiter
> was cancelled...

Well, sortof. The 8600 and Jupiter was going on at the same time. When the
Jupiter project was cancelled, the engineers were transferred to the 8600
project. They (rumours have it) immediately threw out some of the cruft
the VAX engineers had been doing, and moved in some of the stuff from the

Both projects were late, and DEC decided to go with the VAX, and cancel
Jupiter. Now DEC is no more... Such is life.
Fired up "my" 8650 last night and booted NetBSD... Life is good.


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