Johnny wrote about PDP-8 emulation in PDP-11/60 microcode:
> True. I think I've even heard the name of the person responsible,

Ritchie Lary, who also developed a lot of other very cool stuff.

> I've also heard of a similar story about the VAX 8600 running as a PDP-11.
> The VAX 8600 always load all microcode from disk at power up, so it's all
> writeable control store in there...

As did the 11/785. The 11/780 had the main microcode in ROM, though
there was patch support, and an option to add some WCS. Since the
11/785 microcode already knows how to execute -11 instructions for
compatability mode, maybe it wouldn't be too hard to extract that
portion of the microcode, and turn it into a real -11.


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