On Fri, 29 Apr 2005, Ian King wrote:

> There's a note on one of the PDP-11 history sites that mentions an 11-60
> that was microcoded to emulate a PDP-8 and used to do software
> development - the "fastest PDP-8 in the world"!

True. I think I've even heard the name of the person responsible, but it's
all second hand knowledge for me.
I've also heard of a similar story about the VAX 8600 running as a PDP-11.
The VAX 8600 always load all microcode from disk at power up, so it's all
writeable control store in there...

> The Data General Eclipse MV line used a writable control store, more for
> field upgradability than an ability to customize; if they found a
> microcode bug, they could fix it and issue a patch.

Same as the VAX-11/750. In fact, NetBSD still ships with a patch file for
that machine, and starts the boot by patching the microcode for a few


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