From: "Julian Wolfe"

>I get no bus errors now, but now when I enter 001000 LAD CLR 000777
>DEP CLR 001000 LAD EXAM I get 000000. Am I doing something wrong?

I'd check, but my office 11/34a is weird right now (some stuff is rearranged
so that a bus adapter is driving the 2nd SU). But I'm suspicious of that
first CLR, I think it might be clearing the address register so you're
actually depositing your 777 at location 0. Could easily be wrong, but it
wouldn't hurt to try it w/o the CLRs, especially if you're typing all six
digits of the numbers anyway.

I'm actually surprised the bus errors are gone, I think Christian is right and
you need a G727 in slot 9 as well (I feel dumb for not catching that). It's a
valid quad SPC slot so even though it's in the same row as the Unibus Out
slot, it's actually wired *before* the terminator/jumper in the grant chain.

John Wilson
D Bit
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