From: "Julian Wolfe"

>Okay, I'm working on a new -11 community site. So far, the forums are up.
>I'd like to hear what your thoughts are on it, ideas, suggestions.

Another PDP-11 web site is always a great idea, but as far as forums (fora?)
go, my thoughts are: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! We've already two separate things
with vmsnet.pdp-11 and alt.sys.pdp11, which are separate for no reason
(and only one of them is mirrored through a mailing list, annoying to
those of us w/o newsfeeds). And there's the Dutch one too, plus some of
our stuff leaks onto CLASSICCMP (which I gave up on because the traffic
was overwhelming). There are few enough of us left, if we get scattered
we'll never find each other.

Now, a web bulletin board that's gatewayed to the newsgroup(s) might be
another story entirely... But of course it's your site, do what you want.
Just my opinion.

John Wilson
D Bit
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