> On the off chance you haven't gotten them, I would recommend some of the
> on-line manuals. I believe under http://bitsavers.org/pdf/dec/
> you can find an RLV12.pdf for the RL02
> http://www.spies.com/~aek/pdf/dec/pdp11/
> 1134_UsersManual.pdf and 1144_UsersGuide.pdf

I don't think bitsavers is on spies.com any more, but it should be
available at http://www.bitsavers.org

> and http://www.computer.museum.uq.edu.au/unfinished/
> "EK-M9312-TM-002 M9312 Bootstrap-Terminator Module Technical
> Manual.tif"
> which covers much of what John Wilson just said as well as some
> diagnostics.
> Assuming Ashley Carder knows his roms, as he says following the '@' with
> "DL" and return might do it.

When I was gathering ROMs for my M9312s, which I have installed in
both a PDP-11/34 and an 11/40, the M9312 manual came in very handy.

Here's a list of the various ROMs and 2 character codes for the M9312:

RL01, RL02 (DL) 23-751A9
RK06, RK07 (DM) 23-752A9
RX01 floppy disk, single density (DX) 23-753A9
RP02/RP03 (DP), Massbus RP04, RP05, RP06, RM02, RM03 (DB) 23-755A9
RK03, RK05 DECdisk (DK), TU55, TU56 DECtape (DT) 23-756A9
TU45, TU77, TE16 Massbus tape (MM) 23-757A9
TS03, TU10, TE10 tape (MT) 23-758A9
RS03, RS04 (DS) 23-759A9
ASR33 (TT), PC05 (PP) 23-760A9
TU60 DECcassette (CT) 23-761A9
RS11, RS64 23-762A9
CR11 card reader 23-763A9
TS04, TS11, TU80 tape (MS) 23-764A9
TU58 DECtape II (DD) 23-765A9
MSCP disk, including UDA50, RAxx (DU) 23-767A9
RX02 floppy disk, double density (DY) 23-811A9
DECnet DDCMP DMC11, DMR11 (XM) 23-862A9
DECnet DDCMP DUP11 (XW) 23-865A9
DECnet DDCMP DU11 (XU) 23-868A9
DECnet DDCMP DL11-E (XL) 23-926A9
DECnet Ethernet DEUNA (XE) 23-E22A9
TMSCP tape including TK50, TU81 (MU) 23-E39A9

proms are: 82S131, Am27S13, 63S241, 74S571 512x4 three-state

Good luck!


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