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>if I cntrl/boot it thinks for about three seconds and then halts with
>the display saying 000214. If is enter 165144, LAD, CNTRL+START then
>the terminal displays:
>060346 000210 000502 157776
>Am I making progress?

On the off chance you haven't gotten them, I would recommend some of the
on-line manuals. I believe under
you can find an RLV12.pdf for the RL02
1134_UsersManual.pdf and 1144_UsersGuide.pdf
"EK-M9312-TM-002 M9312 Bootstrap-Terminator Module Technical Manual.tif"
which covers much of what John Wilson just said as well as some diagnostics.
Assuming Ashley Carder knows his roms, as he says following the '@' with
"DL" and return might do it.

How sure are you that the RL02 drive is good, and the media bootable?
Are you familiar with spinning them up, and watching the ready light blink
during disk reads?
It can tell you a lot about whether the controller is actually talking to
the disk. I've had problems with
the cables connections when all else was well.

Luck, Will

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