>If is enter 165144, LAD, CNTRL+START then
>the terminal displays:
>060346 000210 000502 157776
>Am I making progress?

Yes, you're there, or at least that's as far as you're going to get. There's
no uODT in the older Unibus CPUs, just various serial consoles, and this is
the one you get with the M9312. Its command set is different from uODT,
it's line-oriented instead of character-oriented -- generally one capital
letter (with a space and an octal number after it, if it takes arguments).
IIRC you deposit memory by doing say "L 1000" and "D 123456" to put 123456
in location 1000. Also, you can type two capital letters and a digit and
it'll look for a boot ROM with that device name and try to boot that unit #.

>If so, the RLO2 is in an 11/44 (cannot get vtserver to boot the 44,
>does not use an M9312)

Right, the 44 has yet another ASCII console emulator -- similar but different,
IIRC if you don't see it already you can use ^P to bring it up.

>Does anyone know if an 11/44 can be booted by an M9312 card?

If you mean really booted, as in boot from a device, then there's no need
because you can unplug the xxxA9 PROMs from the M9312 and plug them into
one of the 11/44 boards instead (and then the ASCII console's boot command
will work). If you mean you want the M9312 PDP-11-code console emulator
instead of the 808x front-end one in the 11/44, if there's no other ROM at
the 17765xxx address then it ought to be OK (I forget whether there is).
No idea how it feels about device PROMs at 17773xxx, the CPU may think it's
in charge of that.

John Wilson
D Bit
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