I found something in a drawer that said that it was an 11/04

It is a nine card cage plus powersupply with a programmers console

from top to bottom it has:
[----------M7263-------------------------] 1
[----------M7847-------------------------] 2
[----M9312---][---M7856------------------] 3
[----------M7841-------------------------] 4
[ Open/grant continuity ] 5
[----------M7762-------------------------] 6
[----------M7840-------------------------] 7
[---Dilog DU130------------] 8
[----M9302---][---M7856------------------] 9

The M9312 has one rom chip which is marked thusly:
58040 751A9
(dot) 8007

Hooked to a terminal with a null modem and power up.

CNTRL/HLT - No bus error.
CNTRL/Boot - Slience
Type in 777566, poke LAD, type in 101, poke DEP and the screen shows
the letter A. Good so far.

Type in 777564, Poke LAD button, poke EXAM button, and front panel
displays 000200. In the same room I have a working 11/34 and it does
the same thing also.

Next, 773024, LAD, EXAM, the display reads 173004; the 11/34 reads
173000, but then it has different roms in the M9312.

Type in 773000, LAD, CNTRL/START, display reads 173002.

I have a working RL02 and I want to scarf off the bits from a bunch of
packs, probablly using vtserver. I have some more M9312's around. I
think that I need to find one that has something called ODT on it, or
else get a boot code from somewhere.

Any thoughts appreciated.