|> The PRO can certainly format a hard disk, but not in a way that is compatible
|> with any RQDXx.
|Are you positive about that?

Well, I won't say 100% since I may be missing something, but it certainly
seemed incompatible on two levels:

-I couldn't read an RQDX3-formatted drive on the PRO sector-by-sector, so
I think the low-level format is different. But maybe this was a firmware

-The PRO hard disk controller is as dumb as they come and does not manage
any special areas on the disk. It is not MSCP; you have to talk to it in
terms of tracks, heads and sectors.

I suppose it is possible that there is some way that I missed to tell the
hardware to write in a physical format that is compatible with the RQDX3
and perhaps there is a formatting program that writes control areas also
compatible with the RQDX3.

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