On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, Eric Smith wrote:

> Johnny wrote:
>> Actually, the 11/40 FE was also the comm processor for all terminal lines.

> IIRC, a DCxx or DNxx subsystem using an 11/40 (or 11/34) was always used
> for the KL10-based DECSYSTEM-20 terminal lines other than the console.
> RSX20F wasn't really designed for handling lots of terminal lines, while
> the DCxx and DNxx software was. I'd have to check the LCG configuration
> manual to be sure.

Oh, believe me. We have a whole extra cabinet of terminal lines, all
running through the FE on one of our -2060s.
The other -2060 only have the terminal lines that could be fitted in the
normal cabinet, hooked to the FE.

> On the KS10, ISTR the terminal muxes being DZ11s on the Unibus, directly
> controlled by the KS10 CPU.

If it used DZ11, it's a shame, since that is a real hog on CPU.
But I haven't really mucked around inside any KS to know.

The 11/40 FE uses DH11s. So you don't manage to fit more than one (or if
it is two) inside the 11/40 cpu box. After that you need a Unibus
expansion. (The DH11 is a full 9-slot dedicated backplane for 16 lines.)


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