On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, Mike Ross wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 23:56:38 +0100 (CET), Johnny Billquist
> wrote:
>> On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, Stuart Brook wrote:
>>> On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 18:39:33 +0100 (CET), Johnny Billquist wrote:
>>>> *But the TU55/56 on the KL10s were actually hooked to the FE PDP-11,
>>>> *and are used to boot something on the FE. In more modern KL10s, you
>>>> *have RX02 instead.
>>> If memory serves, wasn't that an FE PDP-8 ? PDP-10s were out long before 11s.

>> I know that PDP-8 was also used as FE for some PDP-10s. That might have
>> been early KL-10s as well. But I'm fairly sure that there was PDP-11 FEs
>> with DECtape as well. (But I'll admit it was quite a few years since I
>> gazed at a KL-10 with DECtapes now. I wonder if those machines I know of
>> are still around...)

> Well there's 'FE' and 'FE'. The Real Front End, which every KL had,
> aka the console processor, was an 11/40 running modified RSX. KA and
> KI machines didn't have a Real Front End, they had a Real Front Panel
> - much more fun! KS had an inbuilt console, based on an Intel 8080 I
> believe. No pdp-8 was ever used as a Real Front End on a -10.

Well, I know of the KS10 8080, which is why I said "real" FEs in one mail.
But I was suddenly uncertain if any other PDP-10s even had FEs, since I've
actually played a bit with both KI and KA CPUs. (Though very little.)
Love those front panels. :-)

> Having said all the above, I believe some -10 equipment, which could
> be described as 'front-end' (e.g. comms processors) *did* use pdp-8s
> as their CPUs. Can't recall the model numbers offhand.

This is what I was confusing things with. Since I knew there was PDP-8s
involved somewhere connected to PDP-10s somehow. Communications

> As posted earlier, here's one KL with DECtapes that is still (partly)
> around: http://www.corestore.org/dec10.htm (you can also see the -11
> FE).

Well, until a few years ago, the Stacken computer club was problably the
single location with most PDP-10s anywhere in the world. I've been a bit
out of touch with them lately, so I don't know what the status is now.

But they had several complete, working KLs with DECtapes, as well as KLs
with RX02s, KS, and atleast one KA. I also believe they have (had) a few
KIs. The one KI I did play around a little on though, was privately owned
by a local PDP-10 guru, who did both hardware and software patches to the
machine to get TOPS-10 7.03 running on a tri-SMP KI machine.
The name Peter Lothberg might mean something to some of you...


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