On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, John Wilson wrote:

> From: Johnny Billquist
>> In more modern KL10s, you have RX02=
>> =20
>> instead.
>> But I can't for the life remember what you have on the RX02 floppies righ=
>> t=20
>> now. Maybe diagnostics? Because the FE normally booted from the dualporte=
>> d=20
>> RP06, which also the KL10 had access to. Atleast ours do.

> I have RSX20F on floppies so it's at least *possible* to boot the FE from
> the floppy. What sequence of events installs RSX20F on the Massbus disk
> in the first place?

Good point! The 11/40 don't have tape...
And now I also remember that the diagnostics was on a special RP06 pack.
"KLAD", that also helt the FE system (of course), so diagnostics was
probably available there.


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