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>>> Is it possible to take a distribution disk cartridge and put it on

>> tape,
>>> then run the install from tape? I have an RT11 pack I want

>> to do this
>>> with, but only have 1 RL02 so I can't install.

>> On a full RT-11 distribution kit there are command files
>> MSB.COM, MUB.COM, and MTB.COM for building the three
>> different types of magtape
>> RT-11 distributions.

> What file is what? I would guess MSB is for TS11, MUB is for TUxx, but what
> is MTB for?

Not boing familiar with RT-11, I can only venture a guess.
MSB - TK25, TS11, TSV05, TU80
MUB - TU81, TK50
MTB - TS03, TU10

Those are the three tape controllers I'm aware of that you might have on a
Unibus/Qbus directly.
Then you also have massbus tapes...

On RSX, you have:
MM: - massbus TM02/TM03 tapes
MF: - massbus TM78 tapes
MS: - TS11, TU80, TSV05, TK25
MT: - TU10, TS03
MU: - TU81, TK50


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