From: Johnny Billquist

>At that time, IBM wasn't exactly interested in standards. Heck,
>before the PC they didn't even care about ASCII, and the PC only
>relucantly bowed for that one.

I saw an ASCII chart in an appendix in one of the old IBM manuals (I think
it was the System/360 Principles of Operation, i.e. the instruction set spec)
with an awesome caption which said something along the lines of "IBM does
not currently manufacture equipment which uses the ASCII character set, but
if we do in the future, we will change the ^ character to an umbrella".
Or some such insane thing, obviously just out of spite.

Actually I thought the 360's byte decimal math instructions (i.e. the
EBCDIC ones, not the packed ones) could be put in an ASCII mode (via a
PSW bit or whatever their equiv was) but they took that out in the 370?
Could be remembering wrong.

John Wilson
D Bit
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