Julian wrote:
> A-duh! I forgot to mention this is all straight DB9. The KDF11-BA card
> I'm using has 2 DB9 outputs.

If you're talking about a PC-style 9-pin D-subminiature serial connector,
that's a DE9. The second letter is the size of the conenctor shell. If
it existed, a DB9 would be a 9-pin connector using the same wide shell as
a DB25.

The KDF11-BA card obviously doesn't have such things, though you could
wire it up yourself. I don't recall seeing DE9 connectors used for
serial ports on DEC equipment before the MicroVAX II, though perhaps
the original MicroVAX did as well. Of course, DEC's DE9 pinout
does not match the IBM AT DE9 serial pinout since it predated it by
at least a year.

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