Well, I got my PDP11/23+, got it hooked up, but ran into a couple problems.
I assume this is a result of having it hooked up to a Windows PC instead of
a real terminal, with a null modem.

I get the "TESTING MEMORY / 0384 KW/ START?" prompt, but when I type DL0,
nothing happens. The pack is loaded and spun up, just no response. I can't
tell if the machine is actually getting the characters typed into the SLU,
so I tried halting the machine, typing in 200G at the 173000@ prompt, still
no response.

Is this a null modem wiring problem, or is it my terminal settings, or what?
I have it set to 9600/8/N/1, and have tried both Hardware and No flow
control and the results are the same. The CPU card is set to all factory

Any suggestions as to what could be causing this? I'll be getting a VT100
and LA120 very soon, but until then I'm using the PC to interact with it.

Also, vtserver scrolls everything off the screen when it starts, and when it
receives data from the PDP11, keeps repeating the last character received
(i.e. repeats the @ character when you halt the machine)

Any help on this would be MUCH appreciated.



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