> Mildly, and I also get to central Mass sometimes. Does John's
> description below sound like the
> controller, or is a key componet missing?

I'm down in MD these days. My unit has a quad-width board with a ton of
jumpers for the RKV11 interface. Main control seems to be a programmed
controller with a pair of 2901 bit-slice CPUlets. I'll find a pic or two.

> Good to know docs exist somewhere... What a strange thing to have built!

Plessy built a whole line of "things" including BA11 compatible crates,
Q-bus backplanes that went into BA11's (they had a 15-12 volt converter
on board) and a really nice little Quniverter for running Unibus stuff
on your pdp11. Plus memory, LTCs, multifunction boards, and stuff like that.

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