> Subject: 11/05 CPU in DD11 backplane OK?
> Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 09:35:49 -0700
> Thread-Topic: 11/05 CPU in DD11 backplane OK?
> Thread-Index: AcTpDXX2n6Jcmhp6TCmva4FZXJeEjQ==
> From: "McCollum, Peter"
> To: "PDP11 list"

> Without doing any 'research', can you folks answer this:
> 1) I have an extra set of boards for my 11/05, but they may not work. I
> would like to test/debug them on the bench in an open DD11-DK backplane.
> Will this work? That is, do the 11/05 CPU and/or core memory boards
> require special dedicated slots? In particular I'm thinking about the 2
> CPU boards - there must be a bunch of interconnect via the backplane on
> C/D/E/F... As I recall the 11/05 has slots that are intended only for
> core memory, 2 others that are for the CPU, and a couple of expansion
> slots (quad height only??). Will I not be able to run the core out of a
> DD11?

Haven't you answered your own question with a resounding "no"
when you cite the slots only for memory, and the slots only for CPU?

carl lowenstein marine physical lab u.c. san diego
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