On Wed, 2004-12-22 at 17:48, Eric Smith wrote:
> Guy wrote:
> > The issue was the fact that large(r) swap-ins were lower priority than
> > small(er) swap-ins.

> Sure, but isn't it the compiler pass code that's being swapped? The size
> of that is independent of the size of the routine you're trying to
> compile, so you'd want to minimize how many routines you have.

No, my understanding of it was that the entire process (what is it
called in TOPS-10?) is swapped out and then the new pass was overlayed
and then the entire process swapped in again (really not remembering how
TOPS-10 works at the moment). Remember that the KA doesn't have paging
so it has to do the entire process.

Actually, given 100-200 users on a 256KW KA, you're going to be swapping
a lot anyway.

TTFN - Guy
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