I have a front-loader disk drive that someone gave me a while back, which
I don't need. I've never heard of it, it's a bit shorter than an RK05
(but about the same footprint) and has a Perkin-Elmer tag that calls it
an SF1221, and also a Plessey tag that says PMDD-11B. I have no packs
for it, and I don't know what kind of controller it needs -- there's a
dual-height paddle card but it doesn't have nearly enough stuff on it
to be a controller, but maybe the drive itself is smarter than it looks.
Also various Centronics connectors. Condition is unknown, the front panel
has slipped off its screws so the door mechanism doesn't operate smoothly,
but nothing looks actually broken so I'll bet that could be put back together.

Does anyone want this thing? Or at least can anyone tell me anything
about it? Free to a good home, currently located in Troy NY USA. It's
heavy for its size so shipping it is probably a bad idea, but not out of
the question. I often drive between Troy and central Mass. so I could
easily get it closer to some people's idea of civilization.

John Wilson
D Bit
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