Hi all,
Without doing any 'research', can you folks answer this:

1) I have an extra set of boards for my 11/05, but they may not work. I
would like to test/debug them on the bench in an open DD11-DK backplane.
Will this work? That is, do the 11/05 CPU and/or core memory boards
require special dedicated slots? In particular I'm thinking about the 2
CPU boards - there must be a bunch of interconnect via the backplane on
C/D/E/F... As I recall the 11/05 has slots that are intended only for
core memory, 2 others that are for the CPU, and a couple of expansion
slots (quad height only??). Will I not be able to run the core out of a

2) Given that I won't have a console, can I configure the CPU to
auto-start at a certain address? I assume this must be do-able for
turn-key systems...