On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Eric Smith wrote:

> Johnny asks:
>> I'm sorry, but I've never heard of uBliss. Where can you find that one?

> No idea. I never had a copy. I'd heard of it years ago.

Ah. Thanks for that one.
So there was atleast a subset of BLISS that ran on the PDP-11. Well,
that's years better than what I knew before.
I suspect that DEC didn't pursue that much further though, since they
stayed with BLISS-16 for the RSX code, and the requirement for a VMS
machine if you ever wanted to modify that stuff.
(Unless you want to modify the output from the BLISS-16 compiler of
course... :-) )

I have to say, that after looking at the code BLISS-16 generated, I was
extremely impressed. I even learned one or two tricks for MACRO-11
programming from looking at that. Absolutely the best code I've ever seen
something generate.

If someone is curious, and have M+, just look at [11,10]DRPFN.MAC


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