On Wed, 22 Dec 2004, Eric Smith wrote:

> Johnny wrote:
>> Bliss-11 might have been TOPS-10. Bliss-16 ran on VMS unless I remember
>> incorrectly. There have never been a native Bliss compiler for PDP-11.

> I wasn't sure about Bliss 16, but I thought the uBliss compiler ran on
> the 11? If not, what was the point of it?

I'm sorry, but I've never heard of uBliss. Where can you find that one?

I know that DEC never had a Bliss compiler for the PDP-11 that ran
natively. Which is a minor headache for RSX, since the file name parse
directive is written in BLISS. That has to be compiled on VMS, which
produces MACRO-11 code, that is transported over to the RSX system, where
it can be compiled along with the rest of the kernel at a sysgen.

I also happen to have some Bliss manuals somewhere, which covered
differences and similarities between BLISS-16, BLISS-32 and BLISS-36.
(Long time since I looked, but the same manual covered all of them I
think, and the pocket reference was definitely for all of them.)


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