From: kirk russell

>I was wondering if it would be possible to run a 11/23+ in a BA411
>enclosure? Will the qbus side still function with an empty CPU cage?
>Is there going to be a LTC?

I don't know anything about the BA411, but if the LTC is indeed a problem,
check out:

That's PIC source (including an ASCII schematic in the comments) for a little
50/60 Hz clock program. All you need is a PIC16F84, a 32 kHz watch xtal,
and three caps. I hung a perf board off a little 4-slot Q-bus backplane
(in a box with no LTC driver) and got RSTS and RSX to run happily. One of
the 8-pin PICs ought to work too, but I think the clock math is different.

(There used to be a Motorola chip that got 60 Hz from a 3.579 MHz color
burst xtal, but they aren't available any more so I slapped this thing

John Wilson
D Bit
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