On Tue, 21 Dec 2004, John Wilson wrote:

> Re BASIC-PLUS, I thought it went beyond just RSTS/E -- I'm sure there's an
> official RT-11 version, and I kind of thought there was an RSX version too?
> Also I know it was ported to Unix (it was running on 11/70s at Harvard when
> I took summer classes in the early/mid 80s), that probably wasn't officially
> sanctioned (or even legal) though.

No, BASIC+ was RSTS/E only. It was/is included in the base system, and
was/is the language used for many CUSPs written for RSTS/E. It have some
very RSTS/E specific things in there.

DEC also developed BASIC+2, which is a compiling language, that you can
use for both RSTS/E, RSX and VMS. On VMS, VMS-BASIC is a better choice,
but for the other OSes, BASIC+2 is mostly superior to BASIC+. I think the
RSTS/E-specific stuff in BASIC+ also exist in BASIC+2, but there might be
some odd stuff not in there.

For RT-11, there was another BASIC. I can't remember the name of it now.


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